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The qualities I most admire in women are confidence and kindness.
Oscar de la Renta
I used to be a very good sketcher; I'm not as good now because I don't do it as much.
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I still work today in the manner that I saw Balenciaga work. Because you know, if you make one sketch and give that sketch to eight people in the sample room, and I am very lucky; I have a fantastic sample room, everyone will make a different dress from that sketch, as each will interpret it in his or her own way. That dress only becomes yours when you start manipulating it, which is what I do.
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When I first arrived here in 1963, all the names on clothes were the name of [the store]. You made your clothes, you sold them to the store, and they quickly removed the label and put the label of the store.
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I'm not a loner. My big Achilles heel is that I cannot be by myself; I like to be with people. That's very important.
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It's about an appreciation of life and an appreciation of people.
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